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Domiciliary care is suitable for those who are just leaving hospital and would rather continue recovering in their own home and community. Afterall, there is no place like home. Our Domiciliary Carers can offer assistance to you with a range of daily tasks helping you to maintain your independence, achieve your goals and support your recovery.

Domiciliary Care

Companionship Care is mainly centred around providing emotional support and company for elderly individuals who are generally in good health and are able to remain at home. As humans, we are naturally very sociable, but, loneliness is something that affects a lot of people, especially the elderly. Companionship Care is very beneficial in combatting loneliness and improving your quality of life.

Companion Care

Keeping your home clean and tidy can be a struggle. Before you know it there’s a mountain of chores to complete and you’re feeling overwhelmed. Our Housekeeping Services covers all aspects of cleaning to keep you living in a clean, safe, tidy space you feel able to relax in. 

House Keeping

Providing Specialist Care for people who need extra assistance with their daily lives who have more complex needs. This could mean a Housekeeping Service, support with managing and maintaining nutrition, assistance with medication/s and more. Specialist Care tasks may only be performed following an appropriate risk assessment and training of our staff by a healthcare professional. 

Specialist Care

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What Our Clients Say

My quality of life has greatly improved since receiving companionship care. I don't feel lonely anymore and I'm now able to get out into the community instead of being home alone all the time. If you're feeling lonely, I'd definitely recommend companion care.
Glasgow, 81
Since having a housekeeping service, my home is much cleaner and more enjoyable. I can now invite my family into my home without feeling ashamed. The housework was so hard to maintain after an injury, but now it feels like home again.
Edinburgh, 75

Frequently Asked Questions

As everyone has different needs and requirements, it isn’t possible for us to quote a price for care until a needs assessment has been done. However, we always provide the fairest price and will never charge you unnecessary/hidden costs. For a free, no-obligation quote contact us.

Concept Homecare take the safety and security of our clients and their property very seriously. All of our staff undergo a thorough DBS check (Disclosure & Barring) before being hired by us and regularly have rigorous training to ensure your safety.

We understand that this is an anxious time for everyone, especially for the elderly or those with health conditions which make them even more vulnerable. Concept Homecare and all of our staff are keeping up-to-date with the latest Government Guidance regarding COVID-19 and are following this advice both inside and outside of work. All staff are fully equipped with suitable PPE which will be changed and disposed of between clients to avoid cross contaminating and are regularly hand-washing and surface cleansing as well as being regularly tested.

Concept Homecare and our staff members will always try to respect your privacy and dignity at all costs. Please speak out to the Managing Director/Registered Manager if you feel your privacy or dignity isn’t being respected. We will take complaints of this nature very seriously and you will not be treated unjustly or discriminated against for doing so. For information regarding how your information is handled within this site, please refer to our Cookies & Privacy Policy.

We understand that some people cannot eat or choose not to eat certain things. Our staff take all of these things into consideration and they will be detailed in your care plan to prevent mistakes from being made. Whether you are allergic to a food, cannot eat a food due to a health problem, are religious or just don’t like a particular food, this will all be taken into consideration when preparing any meals/snacks.

Our care plans are completely bespoke and unique to every individuals needs. Care and support looks different ways for different people and we value this individuality from client to client.

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